Coronavirus – Telephone and Video Appointments

In just few short days all our lives have changed, not just in the UK but across the world. We have entered totally uncharted territory and need to adjust our lives accordingly.

Social isolation is absolutely paramount to stop or slow the spread and therefore, in accordance with government guidelines, all NHS outpatient appointments, will now be done via telephone and all elective (planned) operations will stop after 15th April, although of course this may change.

This scenario is also similar for private patients. At present I am still seeing patients in the outpatient department at The Harbour and Winterbourne Hospitals but where possible and for those who are already self-isolating, I am arranging telephone consultations. I am in the process of setting up video calls using the Zoom app and this should be available later this week.

Insurance companies have already agreed to fund remote consultations as if they were face to face appointments.

Please phone Marie Notley for further information about appointments on tel: 07711 822800



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