News Article: How to stay active with back pain

I recently read an article in The Independent newspaper about the best ways to keep active with back pain and the associated benefits. As we know back pain is very common with 80% of people in the UK having back pain at some time in their life. Long term back pain accounts for about 40% of all chronic types of pain. Walking is not only one of the most common outdoor past times in the UK but is also one of the best forms of exercise.

Many people stop exercising because of back pain and also because they fear they will make things worse or injure themselves further. They believe the pain is a ‘warning sign’ to stop. However this only makes things worse and it becomes a viscous circle. Instead experts agree that you should continue to exercise and work as much as you can.

The Independent gives some great tips on how to keep you walking through back pain. Using Nordic walking poles helps to normalise how you walk, maintaining a good posture and encouraging you to swing your arms – they also provide some support and help you regain your confidence whilst walking.

However, you absolutely do not need Nordic poles to get you back to walking, instead you need to think about keeping a good posture when walking (ie try to stand up and symmetrical and straight as possible), swing your arms (within reason!) and take normal strides – try to walk how you normally would if you were not in pain as this will help you in more ways than one. Getting outdoors in the countryside is also good for your well-being however in the early stages don’t over do it; gradually increase your exercise.

For further advise please read The Independent’s article via the following link:

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