Sleep disorders and increased back-pain related healthcare visits

Recent research has shown that patients with sleep disorders, on average, make more visits to healthcare teams with back pain than patients who not have problems with sleep. Researchers in the USA studied 757 patients with low back pain attending self-management classes at a US military hospital. More than two thirds of the patients [...]

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The American Spinal Registry is launched

As some of you may know, and in fact may be a part of, the British Spine Registry (BSR) was set up a few years ago by the British Association of Spinal Surgeons. The purpose of the registry is to monitor all spinal procedures and collect data with the aim to improve patient safety [...]

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DiscGenics: a possible cure for mild to moderate back pain in the future

The technology behind the treatment DiscGenics is a biotechnology company that is currently trying to develop an exciting, new, injectable treatment that aims to regenerate the invertebral discs in the spine with the aim of reducing pain and improve the function in patients who have degenerative (‘wear and tear’) disc disease in [...]

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Duloxetine may help reduce chronic low back pain

A recent article in the Daily Mail reported that studies have shown that an antidepressant called Duloxetine may help reduce chronic low back pain and  there have been several studies over the past few years looking at the role of duloxetine in pain management. In addition to treating depression, it is already licensed in [...]

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Public event entitled “Management of Spinal Conditions”

Last week I gave a one hour interactive lecture to a great group of people at the BMI Harbour Hospital. My audience were members of the public who all asked excellent questions resulting in a lively event discussing spinal anatomy, spinal conditions and potential treatments. I really enjoyed meeting everyone but I also found [...]

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British Association of Spinal Surgeons 2019 Conference

I have just spent the past 4 days at the British Association of Spinal Surgeons 2019 Conference which was an excellent event. As a member of the executive committee I was involved in the organisation of the meeting, giving some lectures and hosting discussions but more importantly I was able to attend some great [...]

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Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing low back pain by 35%

I felt it was appropriate, and interesting, to write about the positive effects of exercise and low back pain as a follow up to the report on the causal link of sitting for long periods and low back pain. If you needed another reason to exercise, a 2016 study showed that exercise alone has [...]

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Sitting for long periods significantly increases the risk of chronic low back pain

Many studies, including a recent study published in the ‘The Spine Journal’ have shown a causal link between sitting time and low back pain. Low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal problem in the world and it is estimated that up to 80% of the general population will have back pain [...]

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